Time for L.A. to embrace energy blessings of the sun: Opinion

Los Angeles enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year, enough to power most of the city’s homes, businesses, schools, congregations, factories and warehouses with solar energy. But right now, L.A. is not taking advantage of this immense blessing: the city gets less than 2 percent of its power from the sun.


"No denying, it’s time we address global warming"

The profound human tragedy that unfolded in the Philippines is yet another reminder of the dangers posed by global warming. Although scientists have not determined if this storm was magnified by climate change, it is clear that a warming world will bring more and more extreme weather, including disasters like Typhoon Haiyan.


Study: Redlands Power Plant is Worst Polluter in State

"Redlands is home to the highest polluting power plant in the state, according to a new study..." 

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California is a leader on solar power, Environment California says

California is among a dozen states that have excelled through political will and public policy at producing solar power and should be examples for others on how to shift to renewable energy, according to a report released Tuesday by the group Environment California.


Study: State government support leads to more solar installations

A study released today “Lighting the Way: What We Can Learn from America’s Top 12 Solar States” by the Environment California Research & Policy Center finds the states with government policies and government programs supporting solar tend to have far more solar installed than other states.